American virtue shines when government offers more money not to work

Indiana governor Eric Holcomb (R) issued Executive Order 20-08 for all Hoosiers to stay at home, effective March 23, 2020.  In his address, he suggested that it would last two weeks.  It continues to date, six weeks later.  If you find yourself out of work as a result of the pandemic, you qualify for state unemployment benefits. Lafayette, Indiana is an industrial town.  We've got several factories shut down.  The automotive plant — Subaru — paid its associates full wages for the first two weeks.  When the lock-down was extended, workers had to file for unemployment benefits. Those who find themselves in this dilemma tell me that the state check is $312/wk.  To buffer the hardship, the federal government is subsidizing $600/wk of additional income, via the $2-trillion infrastructure initiative.  My car-maker buddies are enjoying their seventh week of paid time off that doesn't cut...(Read Full Post)
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