A CNN journalist pens a fascinating insight into the left's dystopian worldview

On April 7, Bill Weir, CNN's chief climate correspondent, had a son.  Weir wrote an open letter to his son telling him he was born into Hell on Earth, also known as the modern Western world.  The letter perfectly encapsulates everything the left hates and wants to see destroyed. Below, in italics, are my summaries of many of Weir's pronouncements, followed by countervailing information. Climate change is making nightingales have shorter wings, so they're all going to die because they can't migrate.  First, the study, after noting that some nightingales have shorter wings, makes an evidence-free leap to blaming climate change.  Second, "[w]hile the British population of nightingales has been declining since at least the 1960s because of habitat loss, the European breeding population is estimated at between 3.2 and 7 million pairs, giving it green conservation status (least concern)....(Read Full Post)
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