What is it with leftists and their sexual fantasies about politicians?

I suppose it's possible that, if one searches the deepest, dankest corners of the internet, there will be creepy sites dedicated to sexual fantasies about Donald Trump or either one of the Bush presidents, père et fils.  What's a certainty, though, is that you will not find those thoughts in any mainstream conservative publication or blogs, nor will you find people sharing those ideas on social media.  When it comes to Trump, his supporters admire his abilities, his intelligence, and his values.  He's not a sex symbol; he's just a leader. Things are different on the left, at least when it comes to how women and gay men view their political idols.  Surely you remember way back in February 2009, shortly after Obama's inauguration, when the New York Times ran a long, fairly graphic opinion piece discussing women's sexual fantasies about Barack Obama: Many women — not too surprisingly...(Read Full Post)
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