With Kamala Harris out, Democrats kvetch about all-white candidate base on Dem debate stage

Are presidential candidates now to be chosen by affirmative action programming instead of voter will? Apparently, there are Democrats who think so.  They actually view Kamala Harris's dropping out of the Democratic presidential race as some kind of evidence of racism, apparently among Democrats.  The color blend isn't right now, and the color blend for them is not the biggest thing; it's the only thing.  This isn't a contest to them; this is a narrative.  And that narrative to them is a very simple one: Kamala wins. According to the New York Post, they're raging about it. All six Democratic presidential candidates on next month's debate stage will be white after Kamala Harris pulled out of the race Tuesday — a fact that has angered the party's supporters. Liberal pundits jumped on the issue immediately after the Californian senator bowed out, blaming dwindling campaign funds, saying they...(Read Full Post)
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