Why the elites really hate Trump

President Trump is not a buffoon or a blowhard or an egomaniac, even though his tweets can sometimes make all three descriptions seem accurate.  This is certainly the way much of America sees President Trump. The president demonstrates he's not a narcissist every time he shows compassion to a child or to a wounded warrior, or to the family of a fallen warrior.  His critics never seem to notice his compassion, the sincerity of his concern for others, and how it should make clear that he is not the narcissist he sometimes appears to be. His strategic decisions have shown that the president is not the buffoon he is judged to be by those who want only to look at his vocabulary and some of his tweets.  Since he is not the egomaniac he sometimes appears to be, and he is not the buffoon that he sometimes appears to be, then perhaps he is also not the blowhard that he sometimes appears to be.  Certainly, the president does self-promote...(Read Full Post)
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