While House Dems abused the impeachment process (and themselves), 8 more federal judges were confirmed this week

Pardon my bluntness, but there is a distinct masturbatory aspect to the impeachment theater playing out before the nation's eyes. There is no possibility that that the furious fulminations in the House Judiciary Committee meetings this week will be consummated in an actual removal of the 45th president from office.  So it is all about self-gratification for the radicals who threaten to stay home or even run against incumbent House Democrats if their fantasies are not acted out with an impeachment vote. Meanwhile, in the real world, almost unnoticed by the media, eight more Trump appointees were confirmed to the federal bench.  Senator Chuck Grassley, a Midwesterner usually embodying all the self-effacement characteristic of the Upper Midwest, took to Twitter to crow. this wk Senate confirmed 8 more of @realdonaldtrump district court judges That makes 170 SCOTUS/circuit/district judges confirmed by Republican led Senate since Pres Trump took office...(Read Full Post)
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