Where those insane ideas about getting rid of prisons and police come from

The far left has been throwing out unpopular, seemingly out-of-the-blue, and very much un-discussed bad ideas, such as the two described by Thomas Lifson this morning, the one about how schoolkids can no longer be suspended for disobeying their teachers, and the other one about abolishing the police. These ideas are coming from somewhere, and it's not the homeless encampments that are the inevitable outcome of leftist social policies. The Soros front groups can take some of the blame - Soros himself has always been all about creating chaos in the name of "open society" and sometimes "civil society" by ending all norms of civilization, reserving those things for the very, very rich who can pay for security guards and other security measures. George Soros's baleful foundation which finances so many "justice" initiatives, such as ending "the school to prison pipeline" has been promoting those crazinesses for...(Read Full Post)
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