Wednesday hearings shine a light on the question: What is presidential impeachment?

Wednesday was another day in legal boredom provided via the House Judiciary Committee.  The four law school professors called as witnesses were there to argue for or against the effort to impeach President Trump on intellectual grounds.  After yesterday's hearing, it appears that the committee's majority will vote out some article or multiple articles of impeachment.  The outcome of the House vote less certain, as Speaker Pelosi has not guaranteed a House vote before the Christmas break. Nancy Pelosi may not be sure that she has the necessary votes yet.  She indicated that this situation is complicated, which implies that there are several Democrats from "moderate" districts not committed to ousting Trump.  She would like an overwhelming vote.  It is likely that no Republicans will vote for impeachment.  Therefore, the desire Pelosi expressed earlier this year for a bipartisan vote is not going...(Read Full Post)
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