WaPo descends into tabloid trash, trying to get maids to embarrass Trump

Psst.  Hey, did you want to know that Trump checks picture frames for dust when he's not out tweeting? Such is the quality of the claptrap the Washington Post is stooping to now that it's collecting stories from embittered illegal aliens who once worked for the Trump administration.  The not-so-in-the-shadows 48 illegals they found and interviewed say they are mad at Trump based on their perceived entitlement to amnesty, and now they want to spew personal stories to embarrass him and then take him down.  The main thing noticeable about this bunch is that they are neither invisible, as they hang out on the front pages of the Washington Post, nor afraid of lawmen.  They don't even acknowledge that they're breaking the law.  Laws are for little people, see, mere Americans. Here's how bad the Post's 4,289-word story is. Those who cooked and...(Read Full Post)
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