Vermont's fire and brimstone carbon tax

In recent decades American government has developed a penchant for "sin" taxes of various varieties that push too far the definitional envelope of what is "rational" or "legitimate."  Cigarettes, alcohol, and sugar were early sin substances targeted by legislatures for pecuniary castigation.  But the latest and greatest sin is the fire-and-brimstone evil of scorching the Earth via our collective consumption ("anthropomorphic climate change"), for which will be imposed a regressive, ineffective, inefficient tax.  It is called "The Carbon Tax." It is axiomatic that American government — state, federal, local — is constrained by the state and/or federal Constitutions.  The government is bound to certain areas of power and to certain procedural safeguards.  One oft-recited maxim is that in order to be constitutional, laws must be "rationally related to a legitimate...(Read Full Post)
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