Trump makes Christmas about Jesus again

"Donald Trump is making Christmas great again" —Sam Sorbo, talk radio host.  I could not agree more with Mrs. Kevin Sorbo.  My wife Mary is a great caretaker of our elderly greyhound.  She gets up early to let him outside to relieve himself.  She also takes care of six cockatiels, three parakeets, two cats, and me.  Whenever I want to express my appreciation, I take her shopping. It is amazing to watch Mary's transformation upon entering a store.  Invisible antennae rise out of her head, and she becomes laser-focused, in shopping mode.  I can see she is happy and will have a good time.  Anyone who says women and men are the same is nuts. Allowing her to enjoy herself, I tell her to call me when she is ready.  Off I go, wandering into various stores in the mall.  It was Saturday, and checkout lines in every store were long.  Trump's booming economy...(Read Full Post)
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