The more Mike Bloomberg talks, the less the public like him

Late-entrant Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg, billionaire and former mayor of New York City, isn't exactly a popular guy. To us, we remember him well enough — the guy who was so busy stealing salt shakers off New York diners' tables and telling them how much Big Gulps were good for them that he forgot to prepare the huge metropolis for Hurricane Sandy. These days, he's talking about packing the Supreme Court with anti-gun activists, a real political winner if there ever was one, given the repeated failure of such measures across the country.  Gun control is always a loser.  And voters know what rigging is, and packing the Court is rigging. So it's no surprise he's seeing numbers like these following his multi-million-dollar shell-out for campaign ads, something the other candidates (not that they deserve any sympathy) can't afford: A newly-released poll shows billionaire and...(Read Full Post)
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