The Left's domestic policy: Distract, obstruct, divert

Diversionary War Theory stems from belief that unpopular rulers ignite international conflicts in a bid to stay in the national driver's seat.  While many scholars keep questioning the manipulative intent of political leaders, both the supporters and the opponents of the controversial hypothesis focus exclusively on diversionary "foreign" policy. In search of empirical support for their assumption, academicians may be overdosing on debates, but a fed up Joe Sixpack — the involuntary test subject in the political lab — won't be burning daylight.  Continuously "miserable" Joe will immediately point to a new theory, or rather a common practice of the American Left: Divisionary Domestic Policy. Unable to grab the steering wheel, the leftist elite opts for the role of a backseat driver, loud and obnoxious enough to make a smooth ride impossible.  Feet on the media dashboard, clueless about direction, and messing...(Read Full Post)
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