The left bellows 'racism' in the aftermath of Boris blowout election in UK

When you don't get your way, yell racism. That's the new leftist tack for explaining the blowout election result in the United Kingdom, focused on getting the hell out of the European Union's clutches.  It was a bad election night for the left — districts that had been solidly within the leftist Labor Party's hands for decades suddenly switched to the pro-Brexit Tories.  But take it as an invitation to get introspective?  To ask yourselves why voters are not buying what you have on offer?  Nope, not even enough time to blame Russia.  It stings, so time to whip out the default mode: yell racism. And boy, is it bad out there.  Here are tweets from the long-faced leftists: Rayner v Farage: "You were trying to dog-whistle racism, you're a disgrace. Stop peddling hate in our country. Apologise"#GE2019 #Brexit — Matty...(Read Full Post)
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