The Democrats are wallowing in self-destructive denial

The Democrats' obsession with impeaching President Trump by hook or by crook has devolved into a burlesque.  It is as absurd as it is deadly serious. We are watching the deterioration of the Democrat party as it tosses aside the Constitution and all rules of fairness and decency.  Adam Schiff appears to believe he is a monarch who has the power to destroy any person who ruffles his feathers.  He began constructing this Ukraine nonsense the minute the Mueller Report failed to find Trump guilty of the Russia hoax. He is likely close to Eric Ciaramella, who likely agreed to play the role of whistleblower when in fact he is just another anti-Trump member of the coup cabal.  Thanks to a stealthy change of regulations, no longer was first-hand knowledge of a "crime" required to be a whistleblower. Schiff held hearings in secret and prevented the Republicans from calling their own witnesses.  He refused to...(Read Full Post)
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