State and county bureaucrats, still rolling in the dough

We all know the stories, at least if we live in California or New York, about the California prison guards who retire on six-figure pensions, or the school custodians who, for their six-figure salaries, can't be bothered to sweep the floors at New York's run-down public schools. Turns out those outrages aren't just apocryphal; they are going on now.  According to an item in ZeroHedge, via Forbes, citing a new data compilation at OpenTheBooks: The work of our auditors at tells a compelling story: Public service is supposed to be about serving the people. However, the good intentions of America's 19 million public employees come at a very high price for the people – nearly $1 trillion. In many cases, taxpayers generously fund these employee salaries. Our online database is free to use and includes most employees within the federal, state, and local governments. You can search in your backyard or...(Read Full Post)
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