Ocasio-Cortez: America 'not an advanced society ... it is fascism, what we have'

The new Democrat strategy seems to be to insult the United States and those who love it.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez already has bullied Speaker Pelosi into a hasty impeachment so weak that it is not being submitted to the Senate for a trial while a redo is bandied about to make up for the obvious inadequacies of the case. But that is not enough for the raging anti-American passions of the waitress from Riverdale who poses as proletarian "Sandy from the block" in the Bronx.  She demands that we acknowledge the sheer evil of the land that defeated Nazism and communism, fought a bloody war to abolish slavery, and taxed its citizens to rebuild its defeated enemies and convert them into democracies. Speaking to a rally of Bernie Sanders–supporters in Los Angeles, she denied that the U.S. is an "advanced society" and called us fascist.  Because of all those concentration camps and the round-up of dissidents...(Read Full Post)
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