Nobody cares about freeing Tibet anymore

For those old enough, cast your minds back to when Tibet was a hot-button topic among the truly "Progressive" members of society.  Remember all those "Free Tibet" bumper stickers?  You may still see them, but it's usually worn and peeling now on an older vehicle.  Back in those halcyon days, this was the veritable battle cry of what were to be called the "woke" ten, even five years ago, but now you rarely hear of it.  Why is that? The ultimate reason for why Tibet stopped being the cause du jour and was shuffled off into the mists of time as less important, if not wholly unimportant, is one thing: nationalism. You see, with the recent revival of nationalist sentiment in so much of the West, the idea of promoting Tibetan national interests over that of the Chinese becomes, as the Progressives so commonly put it, problematic.  How could a good, social justice–oriented Progressive be for something as decidedly...(Read Full Post)
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