No, Virginia, not all conspiracy theories are phantasy

And, in time for Christmas, Tucker Carlson has revealed one most disturbing. During Tucker’s 8:00 pm Fox News broadcast Friday evening past, he related the stultifying story of how conservative Washington D.C. think tanks and the Koch Foundation seemingly collude with the digital media tech colossi to avoid regulation of said media’s business practice politics. Or, should that be their political business practices? If you’ve ever wondered why Washington seems to only move towards the left end of the political spectrum, a fair share of the answer has therein been provided. America’s one-point-two-five-party politics is all about collusion. Euphemistically, it’s termed bipartisanship. Perhaps we should call it “cargo cult politics.” Carlson’s video report also helps explain the excessive hostile criticism of President Trump by what’s often termed establishment Republicans. They are those who profess conservative principles,...(Read Full Post)
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