Nadler blew his big chance in the Judiciary Committee yesterday

Rep. Jerrold Nadler was hoping for redemption yesterday, having earlier been so inept that Nancy Pelosi gave Adam Schiff's House Intelligence Committee the opportunity to hold "impeachment inquiry" hearings, even though Nadler's Judiciary Committee would have the responsibility of drawing up articles of impeachment.  But yesterday's hearing continued excavating the hole that the Democrats' collective Trump Derangement Syndrome has dug for them. Nadler's first mistake was to start with law professors lecturing us on their hatred and contempt for Donald Trump. Most people don't go to law school, and most lawyers didn't go to the elite law schools at which the three lawyers summoned by the Democrats teach — mainly because most people don't have the patience or interest in arcana of the law.  But the three dazzled nobody with their clear and compelling analyses of constitutional law.  (Professor...(Read Full Post)
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