Liz Warren vs. the Electoral College

Not only does Elizabeth Warren have knowledge of a magical money machine with which she can generate enough cash to finance her Medicare for All program, along with all her other extravagantly funded government free stuff; she also appears to have obtained access to a magical chant that will change the content of the U.S. Constitution by just saying it's so.  The Democrat presidential hopeful delighted a crowd of loyal devotees when she proclaimed that she hoped to be the last president ever elected under the Electoral College system along with being first U.S. president ever elected to the office by popular vote.  The big questions: Is Senator Liz Warren that ignorant of the constitutional protocol to believe she can amend the U.S. Constitution under her own authority as president?  Or does she think her progressive devotees are so naïve as to believe she will have that much unquestioned power as to accomplish such a...(Read Full Post)
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