Biggest Loser: Joe Biden sheds the fat vote

Joe Biden is probably the unfittest candidate out there. Confronted by a skeptical independent voter about his corrupt dealings with Ukrainian gas company Burisma, and the icky spectacle of his son with his hand out following him in his capacity as vice president wherever he went, Biden flew into a rage against the man, an 83-year-old retired Iowa farmer with the central casting name of Merle Gorman.  Not only did Biden fail to answer the man's question, but his response was to attack him, not once, but three times, for being fat. Joe Biden EXPLODED in anger at a retired farmer who asked about his son's payouts from a Ukrainian gas company. "You're a damn liar," Biden said before challenging him to "an IQ test." Biden also called the man "jack" and "fat" and "too old." Biden never answered the question. — Trump War Room...(Read Full Post)
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