Jesus wasn't very nice

Jesus wasn't nice, and I can say this with absolute certainty.  Therefore, I get disgusted when I see a lot of churches and preachers trying to emasculate the teachings of Christ into a simple "just be nice" doctrine.  When a Christian dares deviate from this, liberals pounce and call someone's faith into question, as we saw last week with Christianity Today's attack on President Trump.  That is a deep perversion of the truth and the Lion of Judah's message. Nice people don't make enemies, and Jesus Christ had enemies in excess.  King Herod believed an infant Jesus to be a usurper.  The Pharisees hated Jesus since His teachings often contradicted their actions.  Because cancel culture was also a thing in the first century, the Pharisees ultimately saw their popularity plummet and wanted revenge.  The Romans wanted punishment for calling Himself a King while the Jews called for his...(Read Full Post)
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