Is someone gonna ask the Clintons about all those trips to Epstein's 'cowboy village'?

The press is piling on against the U.K.'s Prince Andrew, who's been probably credibly accused of participating in "suicide" pervert Jeffrey Epstein's sex-with-little-girls operations. Yes, it's wretched and appalling.  It's bad for a royal family that for decades has portrayed itself as the embodiment of middle-class values.  This is Shaka Zulu or Genghis Khan territory. But it's also of limited interest, given that Prince Andrew is not even important in the royal succession lineup, and frankly, who cares what some rich overseas princeling is up to?  The media sure didn't, up until now. There's likely a reason for it — to deflect attention from the growing evidence that Bill, Hillary, and even Chelsea Clinton have had a pretty spectacularly intense association with the very same pervert. The Daily Mail has been on the job and has found another credible...(Read Full Post)
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