Impeachment? How did we get here?

How on Earth did we end up with people like Lisa Page and all of her cohorts, all of whom thought it was in their purview to take out a presidential candidate they did not like and then to sabotage his presidency once inaugurated?  Who raised these people; who were their parents?  Where did they go to college and learn that this kind of abrogation of the Constitution is in their "purview"? Robert Mueller loved that word, "purview."  He answered many, many questions he was not prepared to answer by saying, "That was not in my purview."  What a cop-out!  We all learned on that day he testified that Mueller was nothing but a figurehead for the "Mueller investigation."  Whoever thought he would do them proud was an idiot. Many Americans are beginning to realize that the majority of those who rise to positions of unelected power are not only fiercely partisan, but...(Read Full Post)
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