Impeaching Trump: the Dems' jump-the-shark moment

Remember the final scene of Planet of the Apes?  Charlton Heston howled, "You maniacs!  You blew it up!  Damn you all to hell!"  For 230 years, impeachment has never been used solely as a political weapon.  Deranged Democrats have blown up that 230-year tradition by voting to impeach a president who has not committed a crime.  Because Trump had the gall to defend himself against fake news media lies and investigate Deep State political corruption, Democrats voted to impeach him. I say again, "Trump has done nothing illegal."  As a matter of fact, Trump has our economy booming in historic ways.  Every American should be singing, "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!" Watching the Democrats flood the airwaves with their lie that Trump must be impeached because he is a clear and present danger is extremely bizarre. The Democrats' behavior reminded...(Read Full Post)
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