Greta: Sit down, watch, and learn

Regarding the Australian bush fires, Saint Greta of Thunberg thinks the government should jump and go because that's what she wants to do.  She doesn't take into account that initial reports of any catastrophe commonly contain more errors than actual facts.  The government has to sort out, first of all, what is actually going on as opposed to what the many impatient people like Greta, full of apocalyptic fears, think is going on: the wrong reports, the conflicting reports, the lack of reports, the rumors, the speculation. Then meetings of informed, trained people have to take place to discuss what's known, what's not known, what are the priorities and possibilities, the physical limitations, the geographical complications, the weather conditions.  It's more than just dumping water on fires.  Resources have to be marshaled, routes laid out, people notified, people tasked, hospitals alerted, traffic...(Read Full Post)
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