Do I dare to eat a peach? Impeachment indecision

Apparently, the establishment has decided to have a brief Senate trial without witnesses.  Nancy Pelosi has been withholding the impeachment articles from the Senate since December 18.  The frantic rush to impeach President Trump has hit a roadblock erected by the very people who were in a hurry to impeach the president.  Perhaps she was waiting for word from Mitch McConnell with the assurance that there would be no witnesses called.  Now it appears that the president agrees.  While McConnell and the Senate GOP have determined there will be no witnesses called, Chuck Schumer and Jerry Nadler are supposedly pushing for a trial with witnesses. The House Judiciary Committee called four law professors to testify.  None of them had voted for Donald Trump.  Noah Feldman, Michael Gerhardt, Jonathan Turley, and Pamela Karlan are all Ivy League graduates.  Karlan is a known activist...(Read Full Post)
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