Democrats are talking to each other on impeachment

Today's the big impeachment day, and the Democrats are still yelling and piously intoning about its importance.  It's big.  It's rare.  It's "historic," as newsman David Muir was saying last night. There's just one problem: the public is not paying attention.  Actually, it's bored as hell, and the evidence of it is everywhere. It's as if they gave an impeachment and nobody came. They're not talking about it in the streets, not even in far-left Berkeley.  They're not talking about it among the tech wokesters in Silicon Valley or beyond.  There are no bumper stickers; there are no lawn signs.  Not even the people who think they are winning are bothering to cheer. A MoveOn protest held in San Diego to protest impeachment, or maybe the other way around, last night looked forced and weird on local news.  Only...(Read Full Post)
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