Collegiate head coaching madness

I live in Tallahassee and I am in the process of watching the machinations of the hiring process for a new collegiate head football coach play out.  It is not a pretty picture to see.  As I watch this process, I realized another part of this which is even more disturbing. Collegiate head coaches are paid big dollars to recruit players and to win games.  In doing so, head coaches promise players and parents all sort of things.  What they promise most is trust in them (the team) because the team is paramount to good order and success.  Head coaches tell players if they put the team first good things will happen.  This is usually true.  The act of selfishly giving is critical to good society. But head coaches’ belief in selfishly giving  is limited and lasts only as long until a bigger payoff presents itself.  Head coaches will leave almost every time a bigger reward is promised them regardless and irrespective of all of the...(Read Full Post)
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