Catherine Herridge, now at CBS, devastates 'Whistleblower's' legitimacy

Moving from Fox News to CBS has not diminished the immense value of Catherine Herridge's work.  If anything, the move has increased the number of Americans gaining access to insightful work that questions the MSM's phony and biased narratives.  Nick Arama of RedState calls our attention to a tweet of hers yesterday that "highlights the fundamental problem with [the] whistleblower's story with just one pic": As impeachment enters new phase, #WB did not initially disclose contact w/Schiff staff citing “guidance on a procedural question,” “no substance of the actual disclosure was discussed,” and “way the form question was worded.” My Sharpie. My highlighter. — Catherine Herridge (@CBS_Herridge) December 2, 2019 In the CBS article linked in the tweet, she notes that long after filing a whistleblower complaint that failed...(Read Full Post)
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