California becomes a one-state homelessness machine

While California wags its finger at President Trump and blames him for all the ills of their own making, a new Housing and Urban Development report identifies the state as the skunk at the garden party. According to Axios, emphasis mine: Homelessness in the U.S. has risen for a third consecutive year, driven by a spike in California, the Department of Housing and Urban Development said in a new report. By the numbers: The annual HUD single-night survey, conducted in January and released Friday found homelessness increased to 567,715, up 2.7% on 2018. Homelessness has decreased in 29 states and Washington, D.C. since 2018 and increased in 21 states.  The number of veterans listed as homeless dropped 2.1% and homelessness among children declined 4.8%.  Overall, the number of people listed as homeless has fallen nearly 11% since 2010. California is the state that has erased everyone else's gains, even the ones with small...(Read Full Post)
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