Bernie Sanders seizes opportunity to pretend he’s still Jewish

Please forgive my cynicism, but Bernie Sanders’ “response” to the recent stabbing attack at a rabbi’s home in New York strikes me as political opportunism rather than sincere expression of a genuine emotion, considering his track record. According to the Washington Post (in 2016) Sanders was hoping to become “one of the few modern presidents to present himself as non-religious,” which seems more believable than Sanders donning a kippah and using a blowtorch to light the final candle on a public menorah commemorating the final day of Hanukkah. During his candle-lighting speech Bernie allegedly told the crowd, “If there is ever a time in American history to say no to religious bigotry, this is the time. If there was ever a time we say no to divisiveness, this is that moment.” Now I’m not Jewish personally (well, about as much of a Jew as Bernie), but there is a Yiddish word that I believe describes this despicable behavior:...(Read Full Post)
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