Bernie Sanders is starting to scare them

Democrats are coming to the slow, unpleasant realization that maybe it's going to be Bernie Sanders who ends up as their nominee. That's the story from Politico, which reports that Democrats are getting the willies: Suddenly, Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign is being taken seriously. For months, the Vermont senator was written off by Democratic Party insiders as a candidate with a committed but narrow base who was too far left to win the primary. Elizabeth Warren had skyrocketed in the polls and seemed to be leaving him behind in the race to be progressive voters’ standard-bearer in 2020. But in the past few weeks, something has changed. In private conversations and on social media, Democratic officials, political operatives and pundits are reconsidering Sanders’ chances. They start out with a quote from the ultimate Democratic creep, David Brock, of MediaMatters, but go on to quote three far more respectable Democrats...(Read Full Post)
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