Amazon jobs: boon or torture?

The company at the root of the fortune of the world’s richest man is either a slave-driving torture camp, or a generous and understanding enabler of people seeking to grow their skills and develop satisfying careers. Both views are getting lots of air right now, as Christmas hiring in a tight job market is sparking a recruitment drive at the online retailing champion.   Some people who have worked at Amazon denounce their former employer as an inhumane sweatshop. Consider this article in the New York Post, written by Maureen Donnelly, who worked for one month at an Amazon fulfillment center, where goods on order are packed into boxes for shipping to customers. Ms. Donnelly found the experience intolerable: I soon learned that only difference between an Amazon warehouse and a third-world sweatshop were the robots. At Amazon, you were surrounded by bots, and they were treated better than the humans. (snip) They assigned me as a “stower.” I stocked...(Read Full Post)
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