Photos: Actually, Greta Thunberg showed all signs of wanting to meet Trump

At first glance I was pretty impressed with the chutzpah and disingenuousness of Greta Thunberg, who just came out with this: Greta Thunberg said she "wouldn't have wasted my time" meeting with President Trump to discuss climate change.  In an interview with BBC radio, the 16-year-old activist was asked what she would have said to Trump if they'd spoken at a United Nations summit on climate change. Thunberg said she wouldn't have said anything because Trump isn't listening. "Honestly, I don't think I would have said anything because obviously, he's not listening to scientists and experts, so why would he listen to me?" she said. "So I probably wouldn't have said anything, I wouldn't have wasted my time." In reality, it was Trump who had no intention of wasting his time.  He didn't. Take a gander at how young Greta craned her head pleadingly and moved...(Read Full Post)
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