Actress says abortion must be normalized, equates it to liberty

Actress and singer Jameela Jamil, of NBC’s “The Good Place,” took to Twitter recently to trumpet her love of abortion, saying “My life is more important to me than an unborn fetus’ one. Suck on that.” A lovely, unselfish sentiment from a classy lady. In an interview with feminist icon Gloria Steinem published in Harper’s Bazaar magazine earlier this year, Jamil remarked: "I'm someone who's had an abortion, and I feel like I need to make sure that we prove it's not always just emergencies. People have abortions, sometimes a woman just wants her liberty, and we have to normalize that it's okay just to make that choice for yourself, because your life is as important as a newborn life that doesn't even exist yet." Abortion isn’t just for emergencies anymore! Let’s have ‘em for freedom! For fun! For sh*ts and giggles! Just because we can! We have to normalize infanticide. It’s just a choice...(Read Full Post)
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