A surprise Christmas gift

Over forty-five years ago, when my white wife and I met, interracial dating was taboo.  We endured verbal and physical assaults from blacks and whites.  A deranged white man approached our table in a restaurant, smashed a bottle over my head, and ran out of the restaurant.  He was prosecuted. Mary and I did not intend to offend anyone.  We were soul mates. Mary's father and stepmother reluctantly accepted me as their new son-in-law.  They quickly became awesome in-laws. Unfortunately, Mary's birth mother, whom I will call Ruth, refused to meet me.  Even after we had been married for 39 years, Ruth wanted nothing to do with me. On our annual Christmas trip from Florida back home to Maryland to visit family, Mary wanted to visit her 90-something-year-old grandmother, Easter Pansy, who is Ruth's mom. I assumed that Mary's grandma was an old-school racist highly offended by interracial...(Read Full Post)
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