A blow against voter fraud in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, Republican-appointed judge Paul Malloy ordered 234,000 voters purged from the rolls because available evidence suggests they may have moved and hence become ineligible to vote.  Complaints that such voters would be burdened by having to re-register are not realistic because re-registering can be done online and is hardly burdensome. Malloy's order conforms to changes enacted by the Wisconsin Legislature in voting laws, but in a way different from what Democrats want.  They want 12–24 months for letter recipients to respond, making them eligible to vote in 2020.  Malloy says 30 days is reasonable. If my thoughts on vote fraud are accurate — that Dems don't win, but only "win" elections because they cheat — this has the potential to turn Wisconsin from a Dem to a Pub stronghold.  One can hope the many judges Trump has had confirmed will take notice and follow suit where...(Read Full Post)
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