With DACA looking set for a Supreme Court victory, the Left takes aim at Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller is one of President Trump's most effective and loyal White House advisers. He's competent, and he gets a lot done on the immigration front, an area that's unusually difficult to navigate politically, with Democrats dead set against any borders or rule of law, a leftist establishment that continuously uses the courts to render rule of law at the border meaningless, and a public susceptible to the media's migrant sob stories as their argument for ending any border laws.  Even the clergy pile on in favor of the lawbreaking. Now that Trump is poised for what appears to be a victory for rule of law in the Supreme Court on the matter of ending DACA, the long knives are coming out for Miller.  They've been out before; they're really out now. It's little more than a disguised smear campaign, and you can tell by the timing. A fired and disgruntled Breitbart reporter named Katie McHugh has...(Read Full Post)
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