Will Mitt Romney be the man to knock out Donald Trump?

In The Atlantic, Sarah Longwell, executive director for something called Republicans for the Rule of Law, an advocacy group run by NeverTrumps still bitter that Jeb Bush was denied his designated shot to lose to Hillary, drafts a plan for Senate Republicans to finally oust Trump from office.  Her man for the job: Senator Romney. The piece reads like a screenwriter optioning a script.  There's drama, scuttlebutt, the balancing of ambitions, character conflict, palace intrigue, a war of values.  There's even artsy ambiguity, with Longwell unable to provide a satisfying conclusion to her fictional putsch. To synopsize: Senate Republicans hold in their hands the power to remove Trump once the Democrat-controlled House votes to impeach.  But they face a "collective-action problem": no Republican wants to be the first to convict — except, maybe, the junior senator from Utah.  Romney can lead a silent...(Read Full Post)
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