Why it's okay for Trump to want Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden

I just finished reading "Aides Bring Impeachment Inquiry Directly into the White House" by Sarah D. Wire, Molly O'Toole, and Del Quentin Wilber, writing for today's edition of the Los Angeles Times.  This article is further proof of the Times' dishonesty.  The White House aides are Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, our top Ukraine expert in the NSC, and Jennifer Williams, a State Department Ukraine expert assigned to Vice President Mike Pence's office.  For the July 25 phone call, they provided firsthand testimony.  Tim Morrison of the NSC and Kurt Volker, the former special representative to Ukraine, also testified. According to the Three Stooges: White House aides who listened in on President Donald Trump's controversial call with Ukraine's president testified publicly for the first time Tuesday, bringing the impeachment inquiry directly into the White House and providing damaging new...(Read Full Post)
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