Where are we now?

We live an era where political discussions are very noisy, with what electrical engineers call the "signal to noise ratio" very low.  In order to filter out the noise, there is a simple solution: look at where we are now as a nation in comparison to where we were three years ago, before Trump's approach became our nation's approach. Better?  Worse?  Unchanged? The "noise" is all the name-calling.  "Racist."  "Misogynist."  Yes, even "socialist" and "communist." Dump all that and just ask yourself, "Where are we as a nation?" Stronger.  Wealthier (and that wealth seeing far greater distribution among the population).  Fewer people looking for work.  Fighting fewer wars.  Carrying fewer of the world's self-created wows.  More supportive of our genuine friends.  Less...(Read Full Post)
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