What if this Ukraine nonsense is a cover-up, too?

Everyone knows by now that the Russia collusion hoax was all about covering up the crimes that higher-ups in the FBI, CIA, and DOJ committed to derail the Trump candidacy and then presidency.  Robert Mueller never really investigated Trump; he knew from day one he had not colluded with any Russians to rig the election.  He knew that the Clintons and the DNC, with the willing cooperation of the alphabet agencies, all of which it seems willingly submitted to personal political agendas over national security, were guilty of inventing the deception. Mueller's job was to find ways to obscure their coup attempt and absolve them of their treasonous crimes.  That is why the phonied up dossier was barely mentioned in his report even though there would have been no sham investigation of Trump without it.  What if what scared Schiff's witness, the oh, so oily Lt. Col. Vindman, when listening in on the President's conversation with Zelensky, was...(Read Full Post)
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