What I learned competing on The Moth Radio Hour

This week, I competed in a local version of The Moth Radio Hour for National Public Radio.  There were about 200 people attending the competition in downtown Ann Arbor, MI, in a public space operated by the Zingerman's firm. When I left at halftime, I had the lowest score of any contestant.  Why did this happen? I've come to the conclusion that the crowd's reaction to me, and my reaction to the crowd, were a part of the nation's culture wars. Three teams of attendees were picked to assess performances.  As in the Olympics, scores were marked up from, or down from, 8.5. With the theme of the night as "Gumption," I spoke for five minutes about the time I had spent two nights sleeping in my car as a guy named "Rocky" and his boys were disputing his share in a fireworks business I was then operating near Michigan's border with Toledo, Ohio.  "We know where you live," Rocky had said...(Read Full Post)
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