WaPo columnist seriously embarrasses himself on Middle East conflict

"A two-state solution moves off the table" (11/19/19) describes a situation that was never even on the table.  The Palestinians have walked away from numerous peace offers, each time leaving without tabling a counter-offer.  So the anti-Israel premise of David Ignatius, despite his "watching the story wind toward this dead end for 40 years," is dead wrong.  Further, he has authored many opinion pieces throughout his 40 years claiming similar "dead ends."  Why should anyone take him seriously?  He has cried wolf so many times that it's surprising he has a voice left. That doesn't stop Ignatius from spouting his tired argument that houses, Jewish houses, are the reason there is no peace deal between the Israelis and the Palestinians.  Never mind that the Palestinians show their insincerity for peace by demanding, as a chief sticking point, that any deal include the ability to flood...(Read Full Post)
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