Ukraine: The truth versus the Democrats' narrative

Things we know about Ukraine: President Clinton signed an agreement with Ukraine in 1999 to cooperate to root out corruption, but, according to most journalists, other Democrats, and several Republicans, the only corruption Trump could ever ask about would be corruption by people other than Americans.  Otherwise, Trump is guilty and could be impeached.  Vice President Biden's son got paid $50,000 (or as much as $83,000) per month for years from a corrupt company in Ukraine for the sole reason that he was the V.P.'s son, and supposedly, Trump should apologize and be removed from office for bringing it up.  The dishonest media say there is no evidence Biden did anything wrong.  We know that Obama/Biden withheld military aid from Ukraine and Trump gave it the aid — but somehow, Trump should be impeached for bringing up the Bidens' name, and the complicit media continually say there is no indication Biden did anything...(Read Full Post)
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