Turns out NJ mayor who complained about DHS questioning has history of jihad support

A New Jersey mayor who expressed bewilderment after being stopped and questioned by Customs and Border Protection (CPB) agents in August distributed aid in 2013 with pro–Muslim Brotherhood jihadists allied with al-Qaeda's former Syrian affiliate, social media posts show.  Other posts show Prospect Park mayor Mohamed Khairullah's sympathies with various Syrian jihadist groups. It isn't known whether those activities triggered the CBP questions.  The agency declined to comment. Nevertheless, Khairullah told the Washington Post in September that he "doesn't go near shady organizations" during numerous trips to Syria as a relief worker. He complained at a September press conference organized by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) that CBP pulled him aside upon his August return from Turkey to New York's JFK airport.  The agents took his electronic devices and interviewed him about his travels and his...(Read Full Post)
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