Tulsi Gabbard and the briar patch

Catfight!  Women growling, their manicured nails out.  Blonde against brunette.  The press salivating in anticipation. That was the scene a few weeks ago, when Hillary Clinton, with her twisted, reptilian tongue, suddenly accused Democrat presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard of being a Russian asset with aspirations of a third-party run. At the time, Tulsi Gabbard — a physically attractive congresswoman from Hawaii with military credentials and a bit of a sketchy background — was polling according to Real Clear Politics at 1.5%.  She was in the back of the pack in a crowded field, barely able to meet Democrat debate qualifications.  Yet, after all the heightened  press coverage, TV interviews, and nonstop fundraising, Real Clear Politics has Gabbard's current standing, in a somewhat winnowed field, at only 2%.  However, her profile has risen exponentially.  And while she is only at 2%...(Read Full Post)
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