Trump gets it right in Bulgaria

President Trump is criticized for many things, but his choice of a U.S. ambassador to Bulgaria should not be among them.  He got that right, and he deserves credit for it. The new ambassador to Bulgaria, Herro Mustafa, speaks nine languages, and that is massively impressive.  She is currently learning Bulgarian, which will be her tenth language.  How many U.S. officials like that do you know? Mustafa grew up in North Dakota with an intellectual role model in her father, an investigative reporter, so in Bulgaria, she wishes to champion media freedom, and for a reason.  For that, she has met local Bulgarian support and is already making friends. The ambassador's background and experience in Middle Eastern politics — acquired while she served in the Office of the Vice President, the Afghanistan Office, and the Office of the Under-Secretary for Political Affairs and at the National Security Council, in addition to her diplomatic...(Read Full Post)
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